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Sukhi Dhillon

for School Trustee Ward 13

 "Learning to lead together"


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My name is Sukhi Dhillon. I am a mother of two amazing children and the wife of a pediatric nurse.


I’m running to be Ward 13’s Public School Board Trustee because I believe that in order to make changes in society, we need to start making changes in the classrooms.



We need to elect someone with commitment and integrity. Someone who can form collaborative relationships inside the Board of Education and across our community.



My vision includes:

*More collaboration between our students, parents/guardians, community agencies, the medical community and mental health providers in order to enhance student success at schools.

*Providing more support for students and families from marginalized communities, especially for accessibility, equity and inclusion.



Relevant experiences:

*Executive experience leading a large team of educators and students at the Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene.

*Undertaking the revision of the entire dental hygiene curriculum.

*Leading and organizing annual events in our city (Sikh Heritage Month). 

*Educating grade 5 students during an awareness campaign for Sikh Heritage Month.

*Organizing and speaking at local multi-faith events and symposiums.

*Initiating, organizing, teaching and mentoring in annual summer youth camps and student career path programs. 

*Collaborating with institutions like McMaster University’s Faculty of Nursing and relevant dental hygiene governing bodies.

*An active member of my own children’s school (volunteer, EQAO scribe, parent council member, teaching children good oral hygiene).

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What people have to say about Sukhi


Gurratan Singh, MPP for Brampton East

"One of Sukhi’s most amazing traits is her ability to connect people...her sympathy, empathy, and ability to understand people. This is the kind of an elected official we need at the school board that will put our kids first and our families first. I’d like to officially endorse Sukhi as someone who should be elected because she has what it takes to ensure that this community has the representation it needs at the school board level.”


Donna Demarinis Konietzko, former Dean of Canadian Institute of Dental Hygiene

“Sukhi is one of the most ethical people I know. She is always fair, she’s always consistent and very understanding. She spent endless passionate hours working with our community to ensure that our students would provide dental hygiene education and services that would meet their needs. She was instrumental in developing partnerships with McMaster University’s Faculty of Nursing and Hamilton Health Sciences. I urge you to make the best decision for your children and yourselves, and support her in our October election as school trustee.”


Matthew Green, Ward 3 City Councillor, Hamilton

“This 2018 school board election is so critically important given the values conversation we are having about education in this province. I am so excited about her leadership because with Sukhi, we have an opportunity to elect an educator, a multi faith and cultural community organizer who is a champion of building progressive communities from the classrooms on up. I fully endorse Sukhi Dhillon for Ward 13 Public School Board Trustee.”


Kim Wentrot, RDH, BscDH

"I worked with Sukhi on many different levels.  She was once a student in a school I taught for Dental Hygiene, she then became an instructor at the same school and ultimately received a promotion as the Program Director, all in less than 8 years.  She had from the beginning, amazed me with her professionalism, concern for doing what was right and her incredible work ethic. She is one of those few people we are lucky to meet in our lifetime.  She will make an amazing School Trustee with her diligent work ethics and willingness to fight for what is fair for all."

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